About Royal Palm Specialty Pharmacy

It is our mission to provide the highest quality custom prescriptions, unique services and education to meet each patient's healthcare needs and improve quality of life. Royal Palm Specialty Pharmacy specializes in the formulation of drugs that are not commercially available.  Our pharmacists use state-of-the-art technology with approved chemicals so that your finished medication meets the doctor's exact specifications

Royal Palm Specialty Pharmacy specializes in customizing medications to meet the needs and preferences of each individual client. We can work with your physician, veterinarian, or other health practitioner to come up with medication that is right for you

We are dedicated to caring for our patients as individuals.

Considering that a patient's health care must be as unique as the individual him/herself, the best medical solutions often arise from compounding.


Hours of Operation:  Monday - Friday 10am - 8pm | Saturday 9am - 2pm 118 Main Street.  • Webster, MA 01570 • 508-461-4045