Dermatology Compounding

Royal Palm Specialty Pharmacy's experienced pharmaceutical compounding professionals create customized therapies to combat a vast array of dermatologic conditions. Our compounding pharmacists improve both the aesthetic and therapeutic characteristics of individually customized medications, providing alternatives and unique advantages for the our dermatology patients. We precisely compound medications into cosmetically appealing topical creams, sprays, and powders, and also create customized oral dosage medications (such as child-friendly flavored troches and lollipops).

Compatible drugs and medications are able to be combined into a single medicine dosage, thus increasing patient compliance and scheduling. Many USP approved chemicals created by Royal Palm Specialty pharmacists enhance the absorption of topically applied medications through the skin. We often create unique compound medicines which physicians develop and utilize to meet specific needs of their individual patients. Our certified pharmaceutical compounding professionals each hold several years of experience, and our compounding methods have been tested over and over to ensure accuracy and precision for our patients. We are able to create compounded medications for an array of skin conditions, such as:

  • Facial & Body Acne
  • Unsightly Scars
  • Rashes
  • Eczema
  • Dry, Painful Skin
  • Scars, Cuts, & Wounds

Please contact our experienced Royal Palm Specialty pharmacists to learn more about our dermatology compounding services.

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